Hello, my name is Henry Fong and I am a Feng Shui Consultant (Feng Shui Master ahem!) and Chinese Astrologer. I provide classical Feng Shui consulting services for homes and offices and Chinese Astrology Destiny and Luck readings for individuals.

I have practiced professionally for over 20 years (as of 2022) and have consulted on over 1000 properties.

I provide mostly on-site services but also off-site services for those located further away.

I help my clients to:-

  • 1. Select land, House, and business premises
  • 2. Audit and Optimize the internal and external layout of a property
  • 3. Develop Floor Plans for a New Property from scratch
  • 4. Read their whole life Destiny Potential and Luck
  • 5. Read their Annual or yearly Luck
  • 6. Select Auspicious Dates for important events such as marriage, childbirth, etc.
  • 7. Speak at Feng Shui-related events. 

All of the above uses established Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology principles.

You can reach me at +6 012 288 0778 or email me at henry@henryfong.com

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