1. What is your fee?

Quite reasonable actually. I will provide a quotation plus the scope of service on request. Please specify the

  • Type of consultation (e.g. land selection, design, property selection, etc)
  • Type of property (e.g. single story link house, double-storey fully detached bungalow, apartment, retail unit, office, business suite, etc)
  • Approximate built-up area (e.g. 1000 sq ft, 3500 sq ft)
  • Location of your property (e.g. Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Singapore)
  • Preferred method of consultation (e.g. on-site or off-site)

2. What information do you need from me?

For destiny consultation, I need your date and time of birth. If you can, please provide the facing direction of your house as well as the Chinese zodiac sign of those living with and working closely with you.

For Feng Shui land and property selection consultation, I need your date and time of birth. Plus an on-site visit.

For Feng Shui design and existing property, I need your date and time of birth, a photocopy of the floor plan plus the date of birth of the other occupants of the house. Plus on-site visits and discussions with you and your architect.

3. Why do you provide a formal report as an option?

Primarily due to cost considerations. At the end of an audit, I will hand annotate my recommendations and indicate the positions on the floor plan. Many of my customers are happy with this. It allows them to carry on discussions with their architect, interior designer, and/or contractor often immediately after.

Others prefer to have a formalized report for future reference. This report is available as an option and delivered within 10 working days thereafter.

4. Who is your teacher?

A few actually. In this day and age, most masters tend to specialize in a certain area, much like doctors. I am studied with many of these “specialist” masters both English and Chinese speaking (Cantonese) master locally as well as from other countries. Some are well-known personalities while others are lesser known.

While I do not claim to be the best or know everything, I have acquired sufficient knowledge and gained enough experience to perform accurate analyses and formulate effective recommendations for my clients.

5. What are your working hours?

Every day of the week including public holidays. For Feng Shui, I will conduct the audit as long as there is daylight as I need to assess the surroundings. For Destiny Analysis, a reading can also be conducted in the evening or online.

6. Will you be performing the audit or reading personally?

Yes, absolutely.

7. How old are you?

Many have remarked that I sounded quite young but the truth is I am in my early sixties! I have practiced professionally on a full-time basis for over 20 years.