Feng Shui Talks and Events

Chinese New Year marks the start of a new year and with it a change in the Feng Shui energy and yearly luck. I provide talks and participate in events by corporate bodies on how to capitalize on this energy change and what their clients can expect in the coming year.


When things go wrong the usual suspects are either problems with the property or problems with your luck cycle. I will help you to figure out the cause and formulate recommendations to help you improve the situation.

Land Selection

You can have a choice of facing direction if the land is large relative to the property that you intend to build on it. However most times the land is not that large and the facing of the house is somewhat constrained by the surroundings such as the access road, neighbor’s house, etc.

Therefore the first thing that I will do after assessing the quality of the land is checked if you can build a house with a favorable facing. Next, I will check if the surrounding landforms such as mountains, rivers, roads, etc are supportive.

Date Selection

I provide date selection services for renovation and moving, engagement, marriage, business incorporation, signing agreement, housewarming, commencing business, etc.