Here are some testimonials from my clients.

“Unlike other fengshui consultants, Henry is very friendly and approachable. His approach is contemporary yet effective. D improvement in my life after his audit is astonishing. The best fengshui master I ever come across!”… K.H. Lee

“I have been in construction business for the past eight years, doing high end houses as a contractor and developer. Throughout these 8 years I had seen too much to believe that we all needs some guidance and direction so that we can make sound decisions and be able to control our destiny and outcome to a major extend. Be it in business, and for that matter life, is full of expectations and predicaments and every day we make countless decisions be it at work, in the house or in business. I never understand how much Feng Shui can help me until I met Henry Fong from the internet when I am about to shift my office to Mid Valley and his continuous readings and advise hold dear to me until today.

In his readings and advises over the past 6 years whether in the properties transacted and my life I could not believe how much it has help me to avoid mistakes, made transaction easier and avoid pitfalls. I also could not believe and in fact at one time, never want to believe, how accurate the readings were on my family especially my son’s education and University placement.”

… John C.H. Tan

“It is quite scary. He seem to know more about me that I know about myself. And he got all of that simply from my birth date and time”… Johnny Thean


“Master Henry is patient and meticulous. You will feel comfortable when consulting him.”

… Seow Kim Seng

“In life, I believe everyone should have at least a banker friend, a financial planner friend, a lawyer friend, a law-enforcement friend and a doctor friend, someone whom you could rely on getting valuable information in key aspects of life. But today, I believe I must have a metaphysics master above all these important friends. Because through a Master’s assistance, I could gain insight to the near future and make earlier plans and preventions. For this, I have Master Henry Fong.”… Michelle Liaw