Property Selection

In this service I will help you to assess the suitability of the property based on a number of factors.

Site Plan
Site Plan

They include evaluating if facing of the property is beneficial to you based on your BaZi. Also, if the surrounding natural land-form features complement and enhances the property.

I will check for the presence of “sha” or “killing energy” structures both natural and man-made and whether they are detrimental to the property.

Finally, I will check if the design and layout is optimal. The criteria are one that is “right” or “almost right” that will not require extensive renovation works (which can be costly).

It would be ideal if the property that you intend to buy is an existing one. However, it is still possible to select one that is under construction as long as we have an accurate compass direction and a view of the surroundings.

I have a package for viewing one property and another more cost effective one for viewing up to three properties during one outing.