I offer personal Destiny and Luck Analysis and Feng Shui Consulting Services for both residential and commercial properties. Although I can based in Kuala Lumpur, I provide audit in cities and towns within the country as well as to neighboring countries. And off-site or remote consulting for places located too far to be cost effective.

Here are the types of services that I offer.

Land Selection

This service is for a buyer who wants to buy a piece land with the intention to build a property e.g. house or office on it at a later time.

Design from Scratch

This service is for a land owner who wants to build a new house or office on it completely from scratch.

Property Selection

This service is for a property buyer who wants to buy an existing property from a property owner or a yet-to-be built or completed property usually from a property developer.

Audit Existing Property

This service is for a new or existing property owner who wants to optimize the design of the property with extensive or minimal renovation works before moving in. It also include property owners who wants to carry out home improvement renovations to an existing home or office.

Problem Solving

This service is for property owners who have moved into a property for a while but is now facing numerous problems and suspect that it may be caused by bad Feng Shui.

Destiny and Luck Analysis

This service is for individuals who wants to understand his destiny potential and luck cycles so that he or she can maximize his or her life’s potential. It is also for those who needs to make some important decisions and wants to get some answers from a metaphysical perspective. It normally include a lifetime destiny analysis, the current and next decade luck reading as well as the current and next years annual luck. It career and wealth, relationships, health and mobility (travel & migration).

Also included are both Feng Shui and non-Feng Shui “cures” to improve your destiny potential and luck.

Date Selection

This service us for those who wants auspicious dates for renovations, moving, engagement, marriage, business incorporation, signing agreement, house warming, commence business etc.

Feng Shui Talks and Events

This is for corporate bodies who wants to provide Feng Shui Annual talks and events for their clients and associates.