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Feng Shui Compass and House Plan
Feng Shui Compass and House Plan

A custom design property is the most effective way to incorporate Feng Shui factors and derive significant benefits for the occupants of the property.

Appropriate recommendations can be make to ensure that property supports the specific the needs of the owner in such areas as business, career, relationship and health etc.

I will conduct a site inspection, take compass reading, analyse your birth chart and that of the other occupants of the house and

  • Give you a Feng Shui diagnosis of your property
  • Suggest a property facing direction that matches the BaZi of the owner with complementary surrounding features or provide recommendation if not.
  • Check if there are any nearby natural and man-made structures are creating any ‘sha’ (killing energies) that is detrimental to your property and suggest cures for it, if any
  • Recommend the optimal utilization of the space in the house including the optimal placement and orientation of the main door, bedrooms and beds, kitchen and stoves, study and tables etc to enhance the occupants wealth, health and relationship potential
  • Recommend suitable items such at water features, wind chime etc and their placement to enhance the auspicious energies and to neutralize the inauspicious energies within the house
  • Recommend suitable colors for the property’s interior (and exterior if applicable)
  • Recommend the optimal placement of water (e.g. pool and pond) and rock feature in the garden (if applicable)
  • Assist in the installation of the main door frame
  • Select an auspicious date and time for the start of renovation
  • Select an auspicious date and time for moving
  • Plus answer any Feng Shui consulting related questions that you may have about the property

This service is most costly than the others as it involves numerous meeting with you and your architect to come out with the final design plus some work during the construction phase.