The ancient Chinese have a saying, “First Destiny, Second Luck, and Third Feng Shui”. They believe that our journey through life is influenced primarily by our destiny potential and luck cycles.

Our destiny potential defines our physical appearance, character, natural abilities, physical and mental health, relationships, mobility as well as our career and wealth potentials.

Our luck cycles which can be positive, negative, or mixed change over time and continue to influence our career, wealth, relationships, health, etc as we transverse through life.

Luck cycles are divided into bigger cycles of 10 years – called decade luck – and smaller cycles of 1 year – called annual luck. For example, if a person’s health luck is weak in a certain cycle, then he or she is likely to encounter many health-related problems during that cycle.

Both destiny potential and luck are a function of our date and time of birth. While they are not cast in stone and can be changed to some extent, we tend to live the life that is handed to us unless we make a determined effort to do better (or worse). For example, a person born with a weak heart can still have a good quality of life. It depends on his actions. If he chooses to lead a stressful life, eat unhealthily, smoke and drink a lot, sleep late, does not exercise, and have bad Feng Shui, it is highly likely that he will suffer a heart attack. However, if he learns how to manage his stress and lead a healthy life plus has good Feng Shui, he can still have a good life.

Ancient Feng Shui Compass
Ancient Feng Shui Compass

Feng Shui is a means to improve our destiny and luck by making use of the energy of our surroundings where we spend most of our time. For most of us, this means our home and office.

Feng Shui is not the only way to improve our destiny and luck. Other metaphysical techniques include naming (changing the name that we go by), astrology techniques, date selection, etc. Non-metaphysical methods include acquiring knowledge and skills and accumulation of good deeds.

How do we Make Use of Feng Shui?

So how does one make use of Feng Shui positively influence our destiny and luck?

It has everything to do with directions and sectors.

House Facing Direction
House Facing Direction

From my over 10 years of practice, I observe that the facing direction of a property has a significant influence on our destiny and luck. So, I normally start with this. The facing direction of a property is the side of the house that allows the most energy into the house.

We absorb the energy of the cosmos (comprising of the five energies of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth) at birth and the combination is usually not balanced. It is usually too much of some and too little of another. This unbalanced combination of energy influences our destiny potential and luck positively in some areas (e.g. relationships) and negatively in others (e.g. career and wealth).

There is usually one (sometimes two) energy, which if present, can bring balance and improve our destiny and luck. They are often referred to as the “Useful God” or “Beneficial Energy”. If we have too much of one component, this “Useful God” can help to reduce it, and if we have too little, this “Useful God” can augment it.

Each of these “Useful Gods” is associated with one or more directions. By living or working in a property that receives energy from our “Useful God” direction, we can achieve balance and, in the process, enhance our destiny and luck.

The facing direction is also very important as it together with the period of the house determines the quality of the house and the distribution of “qi” within the property.

The period is determined by the date that the house was completed and first occupied. Subsequent renovations and further modify the period. The “qi” distribution determines the auspicious and inauspicious sectors in the house and helps us to make decisions on optimal utilization of the spaces within.

Natural and man-made landforms around the house are important too. They should be complimentary and enhance the auspicious energy of the house. For example, a lake in from of a south-facing house built in period 8 will enhance the wealth quality of the house.  A lot of emphasis is also placed on having the right kind of landforms in our surroundings.

We should also stay away from “sha” or “killing energy”. “Shas” are inauspicious natural landforms such as rock mountains or inauspicious man-made structures such as high-tension pylons that are located very near the house and can destroy the auspicious quality of the house. It is hyper-important to know what to avoid when we buy a property.

The correct utilization of spaces within the property is important. For example, locating the main door in an auspicious sector will improve the wealth quality of the house. Similarly, if you locate your bedroom and bed in an inauspicious sector notorious for illness and injuries then you should not be surprised if you are plagued by them!

Water features both indoor and outdoor are often used to improve the wealth (and/or career) quality of a property. Live plants are also used for the same purpose and to incite or motivate a certain outcome e.g. have a child, find a spouse, etc. Finally, date selection can help to improve the outcome.

In my practice, a lot of my effort is spent helping my clients acquire property with a good and beneficial facing direction, and supportive surroundings, correctly utilizing the spaces within, and applying water and non-water-based techniques to incite certain desirable outcomes.


My recommendations are based on methodologies and knowledge drawn from Classical Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, and Date Selections theories and practices and delivered with a high level of service and commitment.

Free “Select House” E-Book

Ideally home and business owners should seek the advice of a Feng Shui consultant before buying a property. This way they are assured that the property has a facing direction and surroundings that are beneficial to them. If you have not already purchased the property, I strongly urge you to use the services of a consultant.

There is an additional benefit to using a consultant at the selection stage. One of my selection criteria is to minimize extensive renovation work. Properties that I help select for you usually require minimal renovation to “make it right” and can save a lot on renovation work in the process.

Unfortunately, what I found in my practice is that many home and business owners still buy the property first and then seek the help of a consultant later. One of the greatest frustrations in my practice is when I am asked to audit houses or offices with poor Feng Shui fundamentals or at odds with the owner.

To improve your odds of choosing a house with good Feng Shui, I have prepared a simple but effective guide. Although the tutorial says house, the selection criteria generally apply to other properties.

Click here to start the “Free Home Buyers Feng Shui Guide“.

I hope you find it useful.

Do write to me if you have any questions about Feng Shui or wish to use or know more about my consulting services.