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Feng Shui Master shows you, "How to Choose a House with Good Feng Shui in 4 Steps". A home buyers Feng Shui Guide.



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My name is Henry Fong and I am a Feng Shui Consultant. I have practice professionally for more than 10 years. During the time I have consulted over a thousand residential and commercial properties.

While I am based on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, my on-site services are available throughout the country as well as in neighboring countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. In addition my off-site services are available across the globe.

The ancient Chinese has a saying, "First Destiny, Second Luck and Third Feng Shui".

They believe that our journey through life is influenced by our destiny potential and luck which can be computed from our date and time of birth. This destiny potential defines our physical appearance, character, natural abilities, physical and mental health, relationships, mobility as well as our career and wealth potentials. Luck which can vary throughout our life defines the good and bad patches. Then comes Feng Shui which is a means of making use of environment energies to positively influence our destiny and luck. (Read more..)

Featured Services

Property Selection - Assist you to select a property with a beneficial facing direction and appropriate natural landform and man-made structures in the surroundings.

Audit New or Existing Property - Provide recommendations for optimal utlization of the spaces within the property such as the location and orientation of the main door, the correct location and facing of the bedrooms and bed, kitchen and stove.

Destiny Analysis - Reveals you destiny potential including your luck in the current and next decade as well as what holds for you this year and the next.


News and Publications

Over the years I have written many articles on Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Date Selection, Face Reading etc with the hope that it will promote the learning and understand of the subject. (Read more ..)

I invite you to download your free copy of "What you absolutely must know before you a buy a house?". This is a home buyer's Buy House e-guide to getting a more Feng Shui compliant home. (Read more..)

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you.